Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Power of Love

The power of love is an extraordinary thing. It comes in so many forms and it is felt in so many different ways. There's the love we feel for our family, our parents, and our children. The love we feel for friends, for people on the street who share a funny joke with you, the pets and plants in our lives. There's love we feel for our partners in life, the ones we caress with passion and pride, as well as the ones we care for because our souls are so deeply connected. There are so many forms of love.

Within all these powerful forms of love lies the truth behind who we really are; it's the power of the love that we feel that cascades us into a new way of being. Love is more than power - it is truly grace from the highest form of everything in the Universe. And if we harness the power of that love, what can it accomplish?

Unlimited potential, that's what.

The power of love can be felt in so many ways, but how many of us really feel it? Do we hide away from our true feelings because it scares us? Or do we hide away because what terrifies us is not how we might get hurt, but the terrifying result of loving too much and that power growing infinitely? I would say it was the latter. Most people would disagree and assume it was the previous statement, but I can tell you, deep down inside that onion layer of all the emotions and powerful memories we have collected during our time here on Earth, the most powerful thing we are truly afraid of is our infinite possibilities.

What will it look like? How will I handle it? How will it come to me? 

Truth is, who knows? Not even the Angels do. And you know why? Because everything in the Universe is evolving with every decision that's made, every creation that's created, and every powerful essence of love that emanates out from every being on this planet, as well as so many others.

The power of love is really infinite, but are you willing to take the chance and not know what that infinite will look like? I would say that is the most powerful thing of all ~ trust.

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