Monday, August 6, 2012

Gaining Higher Perspective

What is higher perspective? Is it a place where you can see from a better vantage point? Or is it simply a better vibrational state where everything looks more expansive?

The latter.

To gain higher perspective, you have to increase your awareness of what’s around you, what you are and what is you, but not you. It’s about increasing your vibration so you can see more clearly. And on top of that, you begin to see everyone and everything as the expansive beings they are. It allows you to stop judging what’s not you, stop judging what is you and stop judging all together. It’s the ability to see as the Angels do – from a higher perspective.

The Angels have the ability to see life as an all-encompassing destination – a journey unfolding and re-creating itself, time and time again. It’s because of their expansiveness and the sheer amount of unlimited awareness they have. They are still them, yet they are intimately connected to each and every one of us – without attachment. It’s a unique perspective. The ability to be all and everything and yet, not. How do we do it?

That’s a tricky question. First of all, we’re not Angels. Well, some of us encompass the Angel version of energy, but we’re not made as Angelic beings. We are us – you you and me me. It’s a natural state to not compare yourself to something you are not. Now, on the very amazing flipside, we are Angel energy because there is nothing in this beautiful Universe that we are not, so how can we not be all-encompassing Angels?

It’s a matter of creation. We were made as we are, the souls that each of us is in our own unique way. Stop comparing and just become. Take on Angel energy and allow yourself to begin to see through your eyes the way they see. It’s like stepping into another body, but still being yourself. You see from a more encompassing viewpoint. It’s not about rising above, it’s about embracing, enveloping, and becoming – allowing the energy in to transform you into a place of sheer understanding. It alleviates the need to judge, compare, or worship because you become it and LOVE being it. Does that make sense?

It will.

Step up further into yourself and allow yourself to broaden through your awareness. It’s like watching through the periphery instead of singular, central focus. You can still laser in when you need to and focus like the dickens, but the majority of your viewpoint will be peripheral and wide. It allows you to see more, experience more and begin to encompass the energy all around you as you. Take this energy in and you become more of it. Push it away and it will charge at you anyway.

Love it. Hold it. Embrace it.

It’s becoming you; why not nurture it? 

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