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Being Divine is about knowing who you are. And to truly know yourself is to understand and pay attention to what you already know within – your own Divine intuition coming through. Learn to trust and be present with your own knowledge and guidance as you begin to open up to the most powerful beingness in the Universe: You.

Using meditative exercises and simple techniques, connect within yourself and to your highest knowingness by exploring:
      ~ Clairvoyance (clear seeing)
      ~ Clairaudience (clear hearing)
      ~ Clairsentience (clear feeling)
      ~ Claircognizance (clear knowing)

Be Divine and open to your intuition as you begin a journey into Universal understandings and the knowledge of What Is present all around you. Open and reconnect to what you truly are and you will know the Universe as it knows Itself – as You.



Filled with inspiring stories of true interactions and spiritual adventures, Divine by Nature brings forth Nature's most sacred aspects - the non-physical entities who create the physical beauty we see all around us. Delve deep inside the peaceful creative power of water and the purifying magnificent grace of wind; experience the ancient cleansing nature of earth and the potent vibrations of fire; or free your spirit with the wise meanderings of the billowing clouds and release your inner fears with the gentle wonder of the ocean’s grace. Divine messages from the entities of Nature give insight into the real consciousness behind our precious planet and guide you on a personal nature journey of your own. Each remarkable story and uplifting message reminds us that to really experience the divine beauty of the natural world, we must see beyond the physical into the unknown souls of Nature.

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