Saturday, May 26, 2012

Co-Creative Energies - What Are They and What Does It Mean?

What is a co-creative energy, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

Co-creative energies are anything where two entities, be they physical or not, create and manifest in an unique way in the Universe. They create something bigger and better than themselves, hopefully. This can be between partners, lovers, friends, physicals and non-physicals, but above all, between you (the Soul that you really are) and your body. Your physical beingness is the most co-creative energy there is. And it's incredibly powerful once you realize it.

To co-create, there must be at least two entities engaged in some sort of activity together. It can be divine, it can be devious, it can be mundane. As long as two or more are holding a specific energy for each other, this begins the co-creative process. And as the co-creative process happens, the two or more entities begin to merge their own thought patterns and desires into the creation, hopefully designing something that will last, will effervesce, and will illuminate the world around it.

The co-creative process between you and your body begins at birth. There is an energy that takes place that allows your soul to co-mingle with your body self and the two merge to become an unified whole entity, for the time being. For as long as you create together, you and your body will walk this earth in harmony. But the moment you stop seeing if for what it really is, the co-creative process begins to suffer. One or the two of you will suffer in the end. Until you come back into a co-creative space, honoring one another and illuminating the best within each.

Another co-creative process is the process of partnering with someone. This can be a one-time deal, a weekend affair, or a lifetime of happiness together. And again, as long as the two partners are in co-creative harmony within themselves and the essence of the other person they are with, the co-creative process emerges a wonderful blossom of creative power, illuminating the lives of everyone they meet.

Don't discount the power of partnering. You are not here to simply learn from one another or have something reflected back to you that illuminates your own misgivings or trials and tribulations. Sure, that can happen. But that was never the design. Unless you chose that (and yes, some of you did).

But the co-creative process of which I write is one in which the two entities engage in a process that allows them both to shine to their best abilities. You should ask for this. Ask your guides and your Angel beings to help you create an illuminating pattern in your life where those who show up around you lift you to the highest place they can and you do the same for them. For in doing that for yourself, you have already done it to another. And vice versa. Take care of who you are - your body really is your best friend. It is always with you, 24/7, day in and day out, taking you for the best ride it can. But if you never take a look under the hood or fill it with the cleanest fuel there is, then the harmony can deteriorate quickly. Talk to it. Offer it your own wisdom and listen to what it has to offer. This is what partnering is all about, whether you're with another human being, an animal being, a plant being or simply your own being. All the guides and Angels you have are looking out for you in this matter. They understand the co-creative process and you are co-creating with them too. But minister to the basics first. Once you begin to understand how co-creation really works, co-creating with higher beings of vibrational Light will become easier and easier. Never let go of how easy it is to create and exceptionally simplistic it can be to co-create with any other being. 

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