Friday, June 8, 2012

Divine by Nature available at Third Place Books!

Divine by Nature is available for purchase at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park!

Have you ever enjoyed this bookstore? It's glorious. There are so many shelves and great volumes, you could spend ages perusing them all. I love the New Age/Metaphysical section they have because their selection is great. They offer all sorts of books in every different genre throughout the entire store and then, when you're done and can barely take another written word, they offer you a whole host of food options in the food court. Everything from Japanese to baked goods at Honey Bear Bakery to Italian and Chinese. The selection continues with many other offerings and you can even sit and enjoy a concert while you munch your munchies. And then when you're all full up, you can head back into the bookstore and start all over again. Sounds like a great day to me. 

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