Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Who Are YOU and What's Your Reason For Being?

Many of us ask this question to ourselves on a daily or weekly basis. We all want to know, right? We want to know why we're here in the situation and the life that we're in and we want to know why. And more than that, we want to know how we can live a better life and help others do the same.

I know so many people who think about this regularly. And they are smart about how they start. They start on themselves. Because the truth is we cannot force or fix or coerce or plead or try to help anyone else. All we can do is offer them the opportunity to grow with us and evolve in their own way.

This may strike people as a harsh reality. And it is. But we're not here to do everything for everyone else, children included. We are here to help one another by helping ourselves. The more we grow, the more we grow as a whole. The whole cannot grow based on one entity - it must grow as a conglomerate mass, pulsating and changing as the majority moves.

And right now, we're outnumbered.

That's why the world reality looks so harsh. There are too many people focused on poverty, crime, hatred, violence and anguish, including self-anguish. And the more we focus upon it, the more it becomes our reality.

So what do we do?

Become who you are, who you always meant yourself to be at the most high level in your being. Be authentic. Be truthful. Be patriotic to your beingness. And be you. That's all you can be. And what most people need to figure out is what that is.

You are not your clothes, your desires, your fears, your frustrations or your design or body type. You are not what you think you are, until you actually become that which you have thought about so often. That's when you create it. You create your own reality. And we create our reality here on Earth together.

For the Pleiadians out there (from which forth I will more than likely call you Pleiadites because that is what the Angel of Pleiades calls you and those still on Pleiades), you are here for a reason, each and every one of you. You came forth into this Earth place to create a space and time that issues forth your own ability to create a dynamic existence for the benefit of all others, including you. The Angel of Pleiades has a message for you:

"Listen not, children, to the words have been told you. You do not exist here for a purpose beyond your own desires. You are not here to help others create their lives. Instead, you have come forth to create an existence that is in issuance with that of the Pleiadian world. The Pleiadites are a peaceful people and they desire for themselves a collective existence. You can have this too. Right here on Earth as we speak to you. Your creations are unfolding, manifesting, redeeming. The message we have for you is one of peaceful coercion to one another. Offer yourself in such a way as to show the way. There is no more you can do. And those in their time, when they are ready, will receive it. You can do no more."

So, go forth and become who you are. You can do no more. Just be who you have always been and always will be - the truth of your existence. 

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