Friday, May 18, 2012

Being Open to Opportunity

Being open to opportunity is just like any other intuitive process; you have to be available in your present form and willing to accept what's coming toward you.

Have you ever had an experience where you knew something had passed you by and you wished that you had grabbed it, but it was too late?

Well, there are two pieces of information going on here: one, yeah, it did pass you by and it passed you by because you weren't open to the opportunity as it came. Second, it doesn't really matter. And you know why? Because another one waits around the corner. They're lurking all the time, these opportunities. They don't just knock once or twice. They knock over and over and over again.

Now, each one might look a little bit different and hopefully better than the last, but nonetheless, opportunities in this Universe of ours abound. They really are limitless. So don't focus on what might have passed you by - create your next one. Keep creating. Don't stop until you have the experience you want and then don't stop again. Keep going. Keep creating the next opportunity to experience yourself in a new and unchallenged way.

The other day I was conversing with the Angels and I had a meditative experience. Okay, I do this pretty often, but this particular day I was dead-tired and all I wanted to do was pass out in the comfort of my big, soft bed. I wanted to curl up into my sleeping position, hug my covers and my kitty close, and doze away to let my body recover from the busy day I'd had.

But as I floated into bed, I distinctly heard my guides tell me,  Not yet.  Okay, that's not really how our conversations go - they really are more like a dialogue. But to sum it up, that's what they wanted me to do. Wait.

So, I did. I opened my eyes, rolled onto my back and allowed myself to be prevented from falling fast asleep. (This is what it usually takes.) The Angel request then became a desire for a journeying meditation.

Have you ever had one of these? It's where you or your guides take you a bit outside your body, sometimes still with body awareness, but you move into another space or place and allow yourself to experience what's there. There's always a reason for it and some greater good.

But more on journeying later...

So, we began our journey and I found myself in the most unique place: Pleiades. I knew it. It seems I know it well. When I came to this realization, I knew there was something more for me here. And an opportunity had arisen. Was I willing to take it and the leap of faith it required to accept whatever information or experience was going to come towards me?

Yeah, I was. I'm always up for something new. Keeps life interesting, doesn't it?

I relaxed into the space and found myself talking with a new Angel. Again, someone I knew, but didn't in this  lifetime in a conscious way. It was new, but not really. You know what I mean? I'm sure many, many of you do. And as I began my experience with this beautiful white Angel, I came to know her as the Angel of Pleiades ~ the guiding force for the spirits of that place, my place, a home I don't remember, but I do.

Plei, as I call her now, was my opportunity to connect with a part of myself that had long since been put aside and since our inceptive reception, we're forming a relationship that will result in not only more posts, but a lot more books. I can't wait to hear what she has to say.

And that's what opportunity is all about - taking it when it arrives. But don't fret - if you miss something as we all have at one time or another, the opportunity will arise again and again. Or something better will come along. Just tune your vibration into your own highest good and those opportunities will stop passing you by and become a part of your reality. 

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