Sunday, May 6, 2012

Be Right Where You Are, Wherever You Are

Today is Sunday. Treated as a day of rest for hundreds of years by thousands of people. And what is rest really? Rest is the desire to just be right where you are, wherever you are, content in your own being.

Take a moment and just breathe in your being. What are you feeling? What types of things are you experiencing? This is how you connect deeper to your intuition. Let your identity, your personality, your facade fade for awhile. Just be with who you really are. Take that moment right now. It might surprise you what you experience. And it might not. Just take the moment to be with you.

Wherever you are right now, it is okay to just be within. Breathe peacefully in your own soul, knowing that every moment, every breath that is taken is one that reclaims your own beingness. This is how we hear our intuition. We breathe, we settle, we release. We rest.

Don't just do this on a Sunday. Do it everyday. You will find yourself more peaceful, more at ease (not working towards dis-ease). Be in your moment. Don't look forward to the next one, don't worry about the one that's just passed. Just be. Wherever you are.



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