Monday, April 30, 2012

Orbs, Ghosts and Other Interesting Beings

Orbs in a cemetery
A friend of mine used to work in a mortuary around Seattle. She still works in a funeral home and has for most of her adult career, only now, she's down in the southern part of the United States. This friend told me she believed in ghosts and had the proof.

"Wow," I said. "Really?"

"Oh, yeah."

And low and behold, she really did. My friend has been a funeral director for more than twenty years. She has worked in all aspects of the funeral business from selling the caskets and plots to running the actual services. And now, she's a manager in a big company. She's doing quite well for herself. And there's no doubt in her mind that our loved ones live on.

Orbs in a garden
My friend used to take pictures of services and flowers inside the funeral home, with permission from the family and sometimes requested by them. They used the pictures for the memorial services and as keepsakes, but the pictures themselves showed something more than what was seen in those rooms.

Sometimes the pictures were blurred, like something was running across the front of the screen. Other times, you could see shadowy figures hovering in a corner. And there were lots and lots of pictures with orbs.

What's an orb, you ask? Well, an orb is a multi-dimensional entity. They aren't people or previously people and they aren't benevolent or malevolent. They are more like Sweden - neutral. They just exist and observe most of the time. And they are everywhere.

In a picture, orbs look like rounded blobs floating in and out of the screen. Sometimes there are hundreds, sometimes only one or two. It really just depends on the situation and who they are here to observe. They are around when something interesting is going on. I'm sure orbs have their own agenda, but this is pretty much all that relates to us. Orbs can also be seen around people who are really active spiritually or connecting to this dimension in a fascinating way. They just show up. And show up in pictures, they do.

My funeral directing friend also has some fun experiences with her dad. He transitioned out of his body many years ago and ever since, he comes to visit my friend in a way that she requested. She asked him to send her pennies from heaven. And she gets them all the time.

She might be walking down the street and start thinking of her dad and boom! There's a penny. Or she wakes up after dreaming about him and she'll find a penny next to her car on the way to work. She finds pennies all the time and she knows they are always from her dad. It's her special way of connecting to him so he can tell her he's still here and with her. That's the great thing about this other side we talk about so much: they can hear you. All you have to do is ask for a sign and trust me, they'll do the best they can to get that sign to you. Whether it be pennies, feathers, flowers or the smell of a favorite perfume, the angels that once were our beloved mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, they are still with us. And they will be for as long as you need them.

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