Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mediumship is Easy

Mediumship is one of those practices in the intuitive part of our world that gets a lot of press coverage. There's James Van Praagh, John Edward, John Holland, Sylvia Browne. And of course, there's the TV shows Medium and Ghost Whisperer, among many others.

So, why does mediumship get so much coverage? Because it supplies the masses the easiest way to understand the invisible Universe. Our deceased loved ones are something we can understand - and confirm - in the spiritual world. When a psychic or medium tells someone something about someone they loved dearly and all of the information is right, accurate and dead-on, then how can it be refuted?

Well, people still try. And that's fine. That's their understandable right. Not everything makes sense in our infinite world - visible or otherwise. But mediumship is an easy way for someone to connect to something that is in the spirit world. Bottom line: it's relatable.

Ghosts and deceased loved ones are still with us all the time. They come and go, visiting when needed or called, and offering us assistance whenever they can. Their vibration is similar to our own, depending on how long they've been separated from the body they had. So, it makes it quite easy for us to connect with them intuitively.

If the non-physical person contacts a medium or even someone who is not, most of the time they just want to let someone know they are okay because they see their loved ones still here in physical form crying and grief-stricken and sad. They want desperately to tell someone, "Hey! I'm still here! Can you hear me?"

And yeah, we can.

Every single one of us.

Not just me. You and you and you too. Every one of you.

We all have the ability and capacity to connect with this part of our world. It's not outside of us - it's what's in us. The vibrational fold that encapsulates every living and non-living thing in every part of our Universe runs through everything. That's what makes it possible - we're all connected. And the more connected we are to something, the easier it is to hear, feel or see it. It becomes part of our experience. And that's why many people who do not consider themselves psychic get psychic messages from their loved ones after they've departed. It's actually quite common.

The practice of mediumship - the ability to see other people's loved ones - that can take a bit of practice. The reason it takes practice is because the amount of patience required to get a message from someone you haven't met before and know nothing about can be depleting. It takes trust, patience and practice. But for those willing, it will happen. You just have to open up to it.

My mom routinely says she can't hear the Angels or non-physicals. But what she really wants is to hear them like I do. Well, my path is not her path. Just like your path is not mine either. We must all walk our own journey to interconnectedness and when you do, you'll be glad you didn't try to take someone else's journey along the way.

And here's the funny thing: my mom does get messages. She gets them all the time. Only her primary method of communication is feeling it. I have tested this and tested this and tested this with her, but she still won't believe all on her own. Even after I've confirmed it. So, remember this: if you are seeking validation for the answers and information you are getting, even if you get the validation, it won't really matter. Just like my mom. The truth is you just have to trust yourself and start believing. That's what makes it all so much easier.

If you want to know more about how to connect and communicate, check out my Divine Communication page. There are some basics about four of the different types of communication. See if you can figure out which one is your primary. You'll know instinctively. And then download my free e-book, Being Divine, on my website under Books. This is a more in-depth overview of what each type of communication entails and some meditative practices to foster your own development of these skills. Trust what you've got. You already came fully loaded. :) 

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