Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Aromatic Rosemary French Toast with Sage and Spices

Breakfast in the morning should always be an event. It's the first welcome of the day to get your body going and it should be revered as an exercise in bringing joy into the rest of your day. So, I say, eat and eat happily!

This morning I woke up craving some marvelous french toast. Ordinary french toast is always welcome, but today, I wanted something a little different. So, I pulled out my day-old rosemary baguette and started slicing. Throw in a few spices here and there, and - wa-la! - breakfast is served.

Aromatic Rosemary French Toast with Sage and Spices

Serves 2

4 slices rosemary gluten-free bread, one or two day-old preferably

2 eggs

1/3-1/2 cup milk of choice

¼ tsp rubbed sage

¼ tsp ground ginger

½ tsp nutmeg

1/8 tsp ground cloves

Using a fork, poke several holes on both sides of all four slices of bread and set aside. In a medium bowl, wide enough to place at least two pieces of bread side by side, whisk together eggs, milk, and spices until fully combined.

Pre-heat cast-iron skillet or medium fry pan on medium-low heat.

While pan is heating, soak two slices of bread in egg mixture making sure to flip over and get both sides. Let bread sit in egg mixture and soak it up while pan is heating up.

Place a droplet of water on surface of pan to test if it’s ready. Water will begin to dance and spatter when ready.

Spray a little non-stick cooking spray or olive oil in pan or skillet. Lift soaking slices out of egg mixture, letting excess drip off and back into the bowl. Gently set both slices onto pan.

Place other two slices in egg mixture, coating both sides and soaking while the ones in the pan cook.

Allow to first two slices to cook until the egg begins to set and the bottoms begin to brown. You will begin to see egg set around the edges of the bread. Lift slices to see if bottoms are browning nicely and flip to cook other side, using more olive oil or spray, as necessary. Cook for another 2-4 minutes, until second side is brown. Remove and place on a covered plate (or place in warm oven to keep food warm). Spray a little more oil in pan and repeat with remaining two slices.

Serve with maple syrup or maple agave nectar (my favorite) and a little turkey bacon on the side.


Happy eating!


  1. I've never heard of a savory French toast before. But it sounds very interesting. I bet with the sage your kitchen smelled like Thanksgiving stuffing. =)

  2. Megan -

    I know. It sounds different, right? But with the subtle spices - there's really not that much in there - you can taste them, but they are complementary, not the star. Soft and subtle. You couldn't really smell them because the ginger and cloves and nutmeg actually outweigh the other two. It was a nice blend. Kind of like maple breakfast sausage. You get some of the savory, but it is mostly sweet. I'll have to post my recipe for Curried French Toast with Dulce de Leche one of these days. Now, that, you can taste!

  3. I'd like to try this. My dad always turns his nose up when we put syrup on our french toast. He was born in England and French toast is always a savory thing there, I guess. I'm thinking maybe this would be a good one to try without the syrup cuz it could stand on it's on feet.

  4. I am so glad to hear that others like savory french toast too! I like sweet and savory together best, but I am more than willing to try just a straight savory french toast. Now, I want to find a recipe for such - maybe your dad has one to share!! Thanks for reading, Alanna! We miss you!