Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Truth of Who You Are

You are the most Divine being. Do you realize that?

Yeah. Most of us don't.

But it is high time that you do. There is no more time to waste not being who you are. Okay, so time isn't ever really wasted and you could sit around and hem and haw about what this means. OR you could go into who you are and become the very being you were always desiring to be right here, right now. Why wait? I mean, seriously, who would that benefit? You? No. A big resounding N-O. What about someone else? Would it be of benefit to them for you to shrink into nothingness and not be who you have always wanted and desired to be in the inner-most depths of your soul? Okay, so that was a little dramatic, but intimately, it is incredibly true. Absolutely true.

You were always desired and designed to be the most that you could be. Not in the Army, but in the here and now; in the very place you stand or sit. This is the time for you to be you and with a capital Y - YOU. You are the most Divine creature ever walking on planet Earth and you are followed by millions who are equally Divine. And they are waiting for you. To do what, exactly? To be you. Because by being you, you give others the very permission they need within themselves to be who they really are. It's the ripple effect. It's trend-setting. When you walk forward into your own shining lightness and become the being that you really are at the upper-most level of your core, then you silently and auspiciously give others permission to do the same and that's how we change our world. One cell vibrates and the others vibrate right along with it.

You are a cell on planet Earth. She is our mother, our giver, our guiding godness. We honor her by honoring ourselves. You are not destructive, manipulative, shy or angry at your core. You are love, cherish, honor, beauty and grace. You are the most Divine being on this planet. And you walk amongst Divinity. So be your Divine self. Not for others, but because it's who and what you are - Divinity embodied.

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