Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trust Who You Are

When you're outside of yourself and not really living within your body, what does that really feel like? This happens more often than most people would think. You spend time outside of yourself, outside of your body and you wonder, why am I feeling so crappy? It's because you're not experiencing all of what you are. You are only experiencing half and not even that much sometimes. When you're outside of your body, you tend to lose sight of your bodily issues - you drop things, you stop paying attention, you have a hard time staying focused. And most of all, you dishonor your body.

Spending time in your body requires focus. It's an utmost focus because it requires that which you are to really tune into something that it is not - an external body form. Your body is a part of you, just as everything is, but it is not what you are. You are eternal, on-going, magnificent and a unique creation. Your body is also all of these things, but it is separate from you in its creation. Stay focused upon yourself at your inner-most core and begin a journey with your body that will allow you to really experience it. It deserves your attention and it desires to be a part of your experience - for without it, you would not be having this experience at all.

Talk to your body; love it. Offer it nourishment when it asks or water when it desires. Don't feed it what you want; feed it what it wants. Give it light when it wants sun; give it cleanliness when it wants to be clean; give it happy feelings when it wants to be uplifted. You are in control here, but you're not the only one present. Honor that and it will honor you back. 

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