Saturday, June 9, 2012

Surrendering to Us...the Angelic Realm Awaits You

When we all came forward into this current life and placed our current focus upon it, we came with the knowledge of what and who we really are - Infinite Beings of Light. There is nothing but this beautiful thing that we are. There is no void, no depletion, no less-than, no minor fluctuations into what we are not. The truth is we are always who we are at every moment whether we realize it or not. But what we do instead of realizing it is we begin to focus on everything that we think we are not.

We scan the horizons wondering who we are and focus upon the ideas that we aren't this or that, we aren't happy because of this, we aren't joyful because of that. And most of all, we aren't infinite because somehow in this body we walk within we've decided in its finiteness (which really is about the "time" we are spending with it here in this particular Earth paradise), we must somehow be finite too. There are things to work through and old karma that creeps up on us; there are journeys we must make and lessons we have to learn; we have to toil and tumble around in the mud until we figure out what's wrong with us and making us experience what we are experiencing.

Truth is we're only experiencing it because we're focused upon it - just like this life. We're only experiencing the body you and I have because this is the life our Soul is focusing its attention upon. So, just like everything else in the Universe, what you focus upon grows. And if you think you have problems, so you do. If you think you're not good enough, so you are. If you think you need to think about this, you do. And most of all, if you think you are anything less than the whole Infiniteness that is the Universal Abundance of Everything Everywhere flowing through you as Michelle, Michael, John, Gloria or Robert (or insert name here), then that is exactly what you experience.

So, surrender to your own knowingness. If something sparks inside you and makes you uncomfortable, address it. But don't dwell on it. And certainly don't wade in the deep end and start flailing around. But when you feel that uncomfortable feeling, the feeling of fleeing or running head first as fast as you can, maybe that's because what you're experiencing isn't the truth about who you are. Maybe you are experiencing your own made up version of ideas and beliefs that tell you what you think you have to be. If it doesn't feel good, it's because it isn't in your highest good. Now, there's exceptions to every rule, but isn't that just another rule, and another exception? And something else to focus upon that isn't your highest truth?

Decide what you want for yourself. Decide who you want to be. And when you're done, decide again. Nothing in the Universe is static - for if it was, it would wither and die. But here's the good news: you can't die. Not even a little bit. You can remain static and revolve around the endless doorways of your own making or you can create a new door and walk through with the confidence that you are a Universal Being full of Love and Light and everything that God is. You are Abundance. You are Magnificence. You are Amazement. You are Gloriousness at its best and brightest. Don't be anything else. Ever.