Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Upcoming Interview with Cheryl Jensen and Higgins!

A good friend and excellent channeler, Cheryl Jensen (channeling Higgins - an extraordinary group of non-physicals) will be on Law of Attraction Talk Radio with Jewels on Easter Sunday at 5pm. Listen and watch live or reaccess it on YouTube later this week! It's going to be awesome! I'm sure they have some really fascinating things to say, as they always do.

A little bit of fun information from their website,, this is what Higgins has to say about themselves: 

"Welcome Friends.  We are Higgins.  We are a group of non-physical beings who come forth through a physical body with intent to share our wisdom and knowledge of the Universe.  The entity through whom we speak is not separate from us, she is an essential part of that which is Higgins.

Each of you comes forth into physical expecting to express the eternal truth of who you are.  The denseness of the Earth realm and the physical body often prove overwhelming and many of you flounder in the expression of your truth.

We come forth to share with you what it is to be human and to remind you the ways of the universe that you all may once again radiate your light within.

We chose the name 'Higgins' for we thought it would be easy for the children to remember for it is our intent to assist you from cradle to grave." 

Cheryl has been channeling Higgins for several years now and they never cease to surprise any of us listening to them. Cheryl herself is a wonderful blessing and a charming channel. This event is going to be fantastic! 

TUNE IN: 5pm (PST), Sunday, April 8th, 2012

For more information about Cheryl and Higgins, please visit one of her many websites: 

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