Friday, April 27, 2012

Angels are Everywhere

You know, when people ask me about Angels, I have to tell them ~ they're everywhere. Literally. There are Angels surrounding you, surrounding your pets, surrounding your home, surrounding other people, surrounding the plants and flora and fauna. They really are everywhere.

Because you see, Angels are simply the energy of a quicker vibrational being who wants to help us along our way. It doesn't matter if that way is a human life, an animal life, a plant life or some other type of existence. We all get help equally. In different ways, but nonetheless, equally.

Now, what some people call Angels may or may not be an actual Angel (that is, of a specific vibrational order). There are a number of other types of entities trying to help us and as long as this entity that comes to you is trying to help you in a benevolent way, then yes, it is in fact an angel of sorts.

One of my first experiences that I can remember quite vividly with an other-vibrational-type of being was at my grandfather's funeral. My mom's dad passed away many years ago (in the late 90's) and I remember my mom, my sister and me heading off to Illinois for his funeral. There is a lot of charged family history between my mother, her parents and her siblings, but we all felt like we should be there.

I was in my early twenties and I had come to make peace with my concept of God and I was starting to open myself back up to things in the spiritual realm. I still wasn't really sure what I believed exactly, but I did know there were Angels and other sorts of entities like that, but I couldn't remember meeting one personally.

I wanted to. I mean, who doesn't?

Well, on this particular day, I don't remember the events before the actual funeral, nor do I remember the details of the funeral service. What I do remember was my experience in the church when the casket was open for a viewing. People were streaming in a slow line up to see my grandfather in his shiny, wooden casket with the off-white interior. People were crying and hugging and sniffling into tissues. Aunts, uncles, cousins and all sorts of other people I didn't know.

I don't remember being sad. I do remember being sad for my grandmother. She was obviously in pain and I knew that this was really hard for her. I remember walking up to the box that held his body and looking inside - it all seeming so fake and unreal. He was in there, but it wasn't really him. It looked like him, sort of. But it wasn't Grandpa. Not really. That was when things started to feel different.

I remember sitting back down and watching people walk by the casket feeling their grief in sort of awe. I had experienced funerals before, but something about this day was just different.

Strangely, one of the strongest memories I have from that day was feeling younger than I actually was. As I am even writing this now, that is one of the most pronounced feelings I still have. I almost can't believe that I was 22 years old that day and could have really been much, much younger - like an early teen.

As I sat there in my seat (it quite possibly could have been a pew...), wearing black and watching people walk by saying goodbye, I felt the strongest, most impenetrable feeling sliding along my back, down my right side. I could feel something there and instantly, I knew it was Grandpa. I knew he was there.

And I had no idea how I was going to tell anyone.

I could feel his presence behind me as though he latched on because I was the only one who would know he was there. And boy, did I know it. His energy was intense and fearful and wondering. He was confused and knew what he was seeing, but didn't understand it. It's like he didn't understand why he was there and there.  It made no sense to him. And I could feel him clear as day.

I don't remember telling anyone about my experience. Maybe I told my mom, but I know I didn't tell any of my aunts or uncles or my grandmother. I wanted to. But I couldn't figure out how I was going to tell them that he wasn't there - he was right here. Right with us. He hadn't really gone anywhere, but yet he had. He just wasn't with his old form anymore.

It was strangely confusing for me because I knew I had had experiences like this before, but rarely with someone I knew. I didn't know a lot of death. Certainly not with people I was familiar with.

And that's sort of how my communication started. I know in the past I have been sought out because of the energy I put out - mediumship (the ability to connect with deceased loved ones) just sort of came to me because of this. But these people, the people who have come before in their own human pathways, are Angels in their own vibrational way. On that day, my grandfather may not have been the kind of Angel that helps and guides us, but I know now that he needed his own guidance to understand his transition. But what he did do in an Angel sort of way was give me the gift of my own guidance. It was the Angels, my Angels, guiding me to the next step in my life. If I had known then what I know now, I would have helped him. But at the time, I didn't know what to do and I think I actually told him to go away because it scared me. I knew what it was and the energy pressed down hard into me almost making me pass out, but it was because he was scared too. He didn't know what else to do and he saw somehow in my vibration that I would feel him. And I did.

But the thing to remember is that every little experience along the way brings us to the next place in our lives. It helps us unfold and unfurl our beings and open up to the next level of vibration. Without him, I don't know how my path would have unfolded. But what I do know is that he is an angel of sorts and I'm grateful for any Angelic help because we're getting it all the time.

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